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Home-Made 32-bit ARM Game Console

Four years ago, I decided to build a game console. So I did. I learned how to use PIC microcontrollers, how to build support circuitry, how to design PCBs, how to design complete digital computer systems, how to write bootloader code in ARM assembly, how to interface with N64 controllers, how to read/write a FAT filesystem, how to use an oscilloscope effectively, how to blind debug hardware problems, how to solder .5 pitch TQFP, and much more. The entire console is built from scratch, entirely of my own design. I also wrote 100% of the code running on the console, from assembly bootloader to C game logic. The actual development of the project took a little over three months after I started the first board. The sample game in the YouTube video below took less than a day to develop, but it still looks sweet! Most importantly, I had fun throughout the entire project!
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Good Idea

It is possible to use LPC2368 with some code?